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  • Hi! I’m a London based illustrator and maker. My work explores ideas about communication and miscommunication. I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts, UAL, in 2018 and am now a freelance illustrator! I've been lucky enough to work with brands like Lululemon, Beach London, Family Store, and Square Pegs to deliver fun and lively illustration, animation, and installations. You can buy some of my work from my shop




‘We Need to Talk’, 2017

Installation, drawings, ceramics

An installation and meeting space for Hi Bye Studio’s seminar about falling in love in the age of the Internet. I built furniture, standees, and made heart shaped bean bags to create a comfortable and inviting workshop space. I also produced a series of drawings on the theme of modern love, later collated into my zine ‘Love’. Ceramics also played apart in the installation, acting as physical objects for the discussion to focus around.

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︎  @hollidaystclair

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